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Iroquois Ridge Holiday Marketplace Saturday November 1st 2014


Our pieces all set up


A big thank you to the Iroquois High School for hosting this event.  We had a successful day meeting so many wonderful people that stopped by our display to discuss or purchase our pieces.  Our passion for turning a reclaimed piece of barn board into something that can be admired by many is what motivates us.  We love making beautiful home decor pieces that can be enjoyed in any space by so many, whether it be at the cottage or at home or perhaps a great gift idea for a friend or relative.

Please contact us for further details of any of our products.


Julie and Linda




“Little Wee Lovelies” – as seen on CHCH Morning Live


Linda's Little Wee Lovelies

A “Little Wee Lovely” in a Barn board frame


Some of you may have seen the gorgeous “Little Wee Lovelies”  on CHCH Morning Live.  Below are a few examples of Linda’s drawings/paintings.  They have become extremely popular in children’s bedrooms.  An excellent gift for any occasion.

For more information please contact Linda directly: 905 808 1476 or email:


A selection of Linda's Wee Little Lovelies

A selection of Linda’s “Little Wee Lovelies”


Barn Board

Reclaiming old barn wood is good for the environment and perfect for any space.  Barn boards are being used more and more these days.  No two boards are ever the same.  The weathered quality adds a rustic feel.  The wood has history, lots of character and lasts forever. It makes attractive accent pieces and can become useful furniture or wide-planked flooring, picture frames or interior shutters. Barn board looks right at home inside the house. 

Barn boards do vary in colour.   Add a touch of warmth to your floors by installing old barn boards on the space instead of traditional hardwood. Rough barn boards offer a weathered appearance. 


Many homes are enjoying feature walls where barn boards are being used vertically or horizontally. 


 It gives the rustic and modern edge.  Barn boards will require nails instead of adhesive to attach them to the wall, but the boards add both decor and a little additional insulation against winter or summer weather. I would suggest you only want to cover one wall or two of a room with barn boards. An entire room covered in barn board can appear too dark.

Barn board does vary in price.  It is so important to shop around.  Perusing different stores and locations to find the best wood can be a great experience.


Barn boards can be used as is with just a little cleaning. Brushing and pressure washing works to clean the wood and then it can be allowed to dry before using. If you want to bring out more of the character of the wood while giving it a smoother surface, you can have it re-milled. 


Re-milling removes the outer surface so that the original colour and grain appear again, except that much of the details of aging are still visible. Re-milled antique barnwood can be used to make beautiful furniture and flooring.


The wood has weathered nail holes, old fashioned saws, different weather conditions, cracks, and insect damage. This in my mind is what makes the wood so appealing because it carries the feeling of the past.  With the two examples shown, does make quite the statement.



Old barns are also sourced for their beautiful large beams and timbers that will be used in new construction. Often these are of durable hardwoods like oak, elm, maple, or chestnut. These antique beams are perfect as exposed beams in the construction of a new log home.

Most companies that sell old barn wood have already prepared the planks by removing nails and treating for insects in a kiln. 

There are really two main kinds of boards, most old barns were sided in pine, these boards come in 12 inches widths, and are usually 12 feet long or longer. Then there is fence boards which are mostly cedar and are 6 inches wide and vary in length from 6 to 8 feet long.

Weathered silver grey, faded red, green and white with normal weather wear, deep etching and colouring that only decades of sun, rain, and wind can produce. It cannot be duplicated. Gently distressed by nature, it produces a restful, rustic installation reminiscent of the old days.  Some wonderful examples using barnboard with a huge impact.


If you have a future project and are considering using barn board please call and we can help you with any sourcing needs.


New alliance forged in Burlington

Linda, Julie and Lori - owner of PURE

Linda, Julie and Lori – owner of PURE


Today Friday June 27th 2014 Rustick Dezigns has reached an agreement to distribute their locally sourced “barn board and beyond” creations in Burlington, Ontario exclusively at PURE on Brant Street.

Lori, the owner of Pure is just as passionate as Julie and Linda when it comes to unique rustic home decor, and shares our simple, pure view on design.

Julie and Linda met through their daughters’ school, and became good friends while Linda was coping with the stress of losing her father.  At the time, Julie needed some assistance with her staging business, and Linda needed some support and assistance with selling her dad’s condo.  In the process they discovered that they are both extremely creative and loved designing unique home decor.  They both threw themselves into researching and sourcing creative ways to utilize and reclaim old wood from Ontario barns.  Together they came up with a multitude of exciting pieces, which can currently be seen on our website or at Pure (if they are still available as we speak!)

A quotation that we all love, and believe reflects our journey is…“Sometimes on the way to your dreams you get lost and find a better one”.


Owls in the Attic

"Owls in the Attic"

“Owls in the Attic”

August 11th, 2014 Rustick Dezigns has ventured slightly further afield to enjoy the beautiful town of Orangeville.

Take a stroll along Broadway, where charming boutiques, unique galleries and specialty shops will delight you with eye-catching window displays and trendy merchandise.

Owls in the Attic (75 Broadway Ave.) showcases local talented artists who make and manufacture all Canadian products. The shop is open to the public to buy or just enjoy the many unique items.

Rustick Dezigns is proud to be featured at this wonderful location.  Some of our items already being shown on the attached link:-

For further information please do not hesitate to contact either Julie or Linda at:

(905) 808 2460 / 1476

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